Gastgeber - Wald Hotel Heppe


From humble Heppenhütten to an award-winning resort

The Bauer family: A tradition of hospitality since 1836

In the idyllic Krausenbach, a district of the municipality of Dammbach, is the Wald Hotel Heppe, a jewel in the Spessart, whose history stretches back centuries. The region was first settled by the Elector of Mainz, attracted by the first-class hunting areas. At exactly this point there was a small charcoal burning settlement called “Heppenhütten”. Until the beginning of the 20th century, the families who lived here relied on charcoal production. When coke from the Ruhr area became cheaper, many people moved abroad. Only one family withstood all odds: the Bauer family. Gertraud, the family's great-grandmother, ran a small rest stop here and was known by the affectionate nickname “Lochtreut”. She provided travelers with homemade cider and simple but hearty dishes. Their descendants, Josef and Maria Bauer, expanded the offering to include a restaurant in 1931. This development continued until their son Roland and his wife Anne took over the business and further modernized it. Today the hotel is run by their children Marina Müller and Michael Bauer, supported by their mother Anne. Come to us and experience hospitality that is based on a centuries-old tradition.

A place of accommodation, tradition, innovation AND deep connection with nature

Here is a succinct summary of our philosophy:

Traditional family business
Wald Hotel Heppe has been firmly in the hands of the Bauer family for generations, who bring their passion and dedication to every aspect of the business.
From charcoal burner to hotelier
Originally a charcoal burning settlement, the area has developed over the years into a renowned hotel that combines tradition and modernity.
Warm hospitality
Starting with simple offerings like homemade cider, the hotel has steadily expanded its services while always keeping hospitality at its core.
One with nature
Located in the middle of the picturesque Spessart, the hotel offers a unique oasis of peace and relaxation that immerses guests deeply in the natural beauty.
View in the future
Despite its deep roots in tradition, the hotel has never stopped evolving, be it through room expansions or modern amenities such as electric charging stations.
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