Nachhaltigkeit - Wald Hotel Heppe


Sustainability in everything we do.

From regional products to certified commitment.

At our hotel, sustainability is at the heart of every decision. From sourcing regional products to using renewable energies to certified environmental standards – we are committed to responsible operations. Our guests experience not only first-class service, but also our deep commitment to the planet. Discover how we balance tradition and future.

GreenSign certification

Our Wald Hotel Heppe has been awarded the GreenSign seal and combines ecological responsibility, social commitment and economic success. This certificate positions us as a sustainable hotel company both nationally and internationally and continuously promotes the increase in our sustainability performance.

  • Energy and resources

    Our hotel sources green electricity from purely renewable sources. By using LED lights and water-saving fittings, we reduce our energy and water consumption to minimize our ecological footprint.

  • Local produce & nutrition

    The freshness and quality of our food is based on close collaboration with regional producers. We offer a variety of vegetarian and vegan options and value responsible food use.

  • Employees & Community

    Our team is the heart of the hotel. Through regular training and team events, we promote awareness of environmental issues and strengthen the sense of community. We also support local projects to enrich the community.

  • Mobility & transport

    We encourage our guests to explore the Spessart in an environmentally friendly way. With e-charging stations and information about public transport, we offer alternatives to conventional car transport.

  • Communication & Awareness

    Transparency is important to us. We regularly inform our guests about our green initiatives and invite them to become part of our sustainability efforts.

  • future plans

    The journey to full sustainability is continuous. We continually strive to improve our practices and further reduce the hotel's environmental footprint.


Warmth from wood

saved C02:
317tons per year
  • Construction year :2004
  • Perfomance: 160 kW

The heat in the entire building, whether warm water, heating or swimming pool, comes from wood from our local forests. This not only helps the air, it is also good for the forest.



saved C02: 125,45tons per year
  • since when: 2016
  • Annual consumption: 278.000 kw/h
Standard green electricity was not enough for us. Polarstern, one of only four German companies, exclusively supplies and sells sustainable electricity to large customers.


Our own fleet

saved C02:
5,5tons per year
  • since when: 2017
  • type: Tesla Model 3
  • Range: 420 km
  • Kilometers driven: 25.000/Jahr



saved C02:
 12tons per year
  • Construction year :2023
  • Perfomance: 24 kWP

With the onset of the electricity price crisis in 2023, we commissioned a photovoltaic (PV) system in October 2022. However, we had to deal with some bureaucratic difficulties in its placement. As a result, we installed it in the third most efficient possible location and now generate between 10-15% of our annual electricity consumption.


In House Laundry

saved C02:
tons per year
  • since when: complelty since 2023

Since the retrofitting of our dryer to use hot air from the wood chip heating system, our in-house laundry operates CO2 neutrally. Previously, we operated the laundry with two dryers, one using gas heating and the other using electricity. Through extensive remodeling work and the acquisition of a STAHL hot air dryer, we have mastered the final step.



You wondering about that?

We had never thought about it before, but in the questionnaire for the Greensign sustainability certificate, a major point was about our employees. Questions included where they come from and which social classes they belong to. We treat our employees like a part of the family and have employed many of them for a long time, with the longest tenure being (as of 2023) an impressive 38 years. Almost all employees live in the town or in one of the neighboring towns.

Directly from the neighborhood to your table

Regional products

We source the majority of our products from businesses located just 15 kilometers away. Our focus is on local suppliers and small businesses. Our regional favorites include beef from local butcheries in collaboration with the Grünland project, Spessart trout from the Hafenlohrtal, spirits from the region, apple wine from local orchards, and sustainable wine from Großheubach. Often, we even personally pick up these treasures using our electric car.

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