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Hideaway in the Spessart

In our high-quality tiny houses you are completely alone. No hustle and bustle, just peace, no noises of the city, just pure idyll in the forest. There is a lot of this in the romantic Spessart region. You explore the beautiful surroundings and then make yourself comfortable in your four walls. There you are completely undisturbed and enjoy the freedom to do what you want.

Your privacy is absolutely protected in the tiny houses. No unwelcome visitors, no curious people, no everyday noises, just silence in a completely natural environment. But only if you want to. If you feel like socializing, go to our hotel, visit the swimming pool and the restaurant or connect with guests at other locations. But you will see: the seclusion in your house, where you can enjoy contactless relaxation, is at least a very pleasant change from the stress of everyday life. You will quickly see the solitude in the forest as a wonderful idyll.

Rooms with love for design

Interior design

The interior design is very tasteful and comfortable. It presents itself as being of high quality without appearing overly luxurious. The bright colors of the exterior are repeated inside. This seems very harmonious and conveys the feeling of friendliness, which gives your relaxing vacation leisure and silence.

The overall modern look also contributes to this. Everything appears to be unfussy and without excessive details. The rooms offer enough space because all the necessary items are available with little equipment and harmonious accents are set.

from 224€

per night


Interior design

First of all, our domiciles for your relaxed relaxation in the middle of the forest seem to be modeled on a log cabin, as is often found in Scandinavian countries. The rather cuboid building is very different from the Nordic models. They show a lot of light wood on one side, while three fronts are completely mirrored, from floor to ceiling. The impression from the outside is very close to nature.

The wooden wall is usually light in color. This creates a bright and friendly impression. In addition, from a purely visual perspective, it forms a wonderful and harmonious contrast to the natural environment from which the wood ultimately comes. You feel welcome from the outside and look forward to the soothing relaxation that awaits you inside. And when you approach your home for a relaxing holiday, you can already see in the mirrors what a magnificent view awaits you from inside. 

Lots of extras

Included Services

Use of the swimming pool

The use of our 13m x 8m swimming pool, which we always heat at 30°C, is reserved exclusively for our house guests.


Take part in our extensive breakfast buffet or have breakfast brought to the tiny house for an additional charge.

GreenEgg branded Grill

Grill comfortably on your private terrace with the GreenEgg branded grill.


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